Finncast Broadcast

Powerful Video Broadcast Software

Minimun Computer Specification Windows 7 / 8 & 10 CPU Dual Core 2.0GHZ 4 GB memory , Graphics card Minimum Resolution 1920x1080 with own GPU and dedicated memory 1GB.

Recommended Computer Windows 7 / 8 & 10 CPU Quad Core 2.0GHZ, 8 GB of memory, Graphics card Minimum Resolution 1920x1080 with own GPU and dedicated memory 2GB. The better the computer specification the better the performance.

Video capture should be direct Show Compatible. We do offer custom programming for specific video cards.

Camera video inputs can be connected to USB webcams FireWire connections & Video caprure cards. Recommended cards if not using USB camera AJA Kona 3 cards,Decklink USB Shuttle, Studio Pro 4K cards, AverMedia cards.

More intriguing information

Finncast Broadcast is a powerful Video production software for live broadcast and pre-post video production. It has full switching as used in TV Stations allowing full switching with preview before sent to program broadcast. It has so many features built-in which cuts out the need for external equipment like multiple monitors, recording equipment and so on. Finncast Broadcast is the most affordable professional Video Broadcast software you will find anywhere. It can be used on Windows Pc's Windows 7/8/ & 10 and allows you to have a total live Broadcasting Switcher capable of running any show with all in one package. Finncast Broadcast has all the features to broadcast record your show with built-in functionality for 1 Virtual Set, Chroma Keying, Pan & Zoom of the virtual set and camera, Lower Thirds and so much more. Pay 20 times more for other products or use Finncast Broadcast with nothing less to offer just more. We are the first to have instant virtual screens(monitors) to add to virtual sets this is very clever as the virtual set will not need special masked image screens drawn on the virtual set, a big saving in graphic designs. The virtual screens are like a switcher in a switchers. Watch our training video on virtual sets & virtual screens in our tutorial video section for a full understanding. Finncast Broadcast has built-in Live Streaming to any Streaming Server your own or YouTube, Twitch, Ustream etc. Full HD recording is also built-in as standard.

Some Features in Finncast Broadcast

Video switching

Finncast Broadcast has a full built-in switcher with 32 switching transitions & custom set switching time. Switching can be done using the transition bar or using the Auto Transition Button and Take Button.

Virtual Set

Finncast Broadcast can have 2 predefined Virtual Sets which are changleable with different sets. The Virtual Set is easy to setup in Finncast Broadcast and simply requires an image only (recommended size 1920x1080) of the set. The image can be in the format of jpg, png, bitmap or gif. The set image acts as a base and other items can be added like videoplayers virtual screens text more images etc. a demonstration of creating a virtual set can be seen in our tutorial videos.

Lower Thirds

Finncast Broadcast has full functionality for using Lower Thirds in your productions, you can see how easily this is done in the Tutorial videos section (lower thirds).

Green Screen Chroma Keying

Finncast Broadcast has built-in chroma keying for Green/Blue & Red screen, chroma keying can be applied to the camera(video input) & the 2 video players.


Finncast Broadcast has what we call Box. Side by side visual of your choice 2 different items which is ideal for Anchor & Guest in one display. With full customization in display you can change back color, text color or even add a background image.

Scrolling Text

Finncast Broadcast has scrolling text which can be palced any where on the screen, The scrolling text can also be used with rss feeds. Scroll live updates as you broadcast like a pro

Video Input support

Finncast Broadcast has 2 video inputs that supports video Pci capture cards, USB web-cameras and other capture devices, Fire wire inputs, DV/HDV MPEG-2 camcorders, Decklink cards.

Features List

All features in Finncast Broadcast

The pros and cons. Mostly cons.

* 2 Camera inputs
* 2 Video Players
* 2 Audio Players
* 2 Virtual Studio
* Box Side by Side
* Picture in Picture
* Auto Pan & Zoom Cameras & Virtual Sets
* Green/Blue & Red Screen Chroma Keying
* Full Switching
* 4 Virtual Screens With Switching
* Lower Thirds Editable on the Fly
* 5 External Monitor Switching
* Recording
* Live Streaming
* Multi Down Stream including clock , logo.
* Built-in Audio Mixer
* Built-in 35 Transitions
* Scrolling Banner Text